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What is Alpha Femme?

The Alpha Femme Brand is a worldwide online business and self-growth mentoring company. You might be wondering why you've fallen on a product store!

Our founder, Melanie Ann Layer, has always strived to provide products and services that are both good for your personal self-growth and for your soul… Whether that is through her mentoring business or by offering top-tier products.

Melanie believes in offering world-class experiences in whatever sphere she delves.

Art has always been at the forefront of the Alpha Femme brand, whether it be through our branding, our animations, or our self-expression. Within that, we seek human connection as much as possible. Although the in-person connection is harder to grasp in the online world, these products are an extension of our purpose and message.


ALPHA FEMME Concrete Candles

The Alpha Femme Concrete Candles are now available! Discover our new scents and colors!